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Anna Vlasopoulou
Managing Partner

Anna Vlasopoulou

BoD member for RICS in Greece and a Technical Advisor for the Technical Chamber of Greece, specializing in Construction Project Management, Property Investment and Valuations.

In her diverse career as a Property Valuer, spanning >20 years, she has been overseeing property portfolios of over €10bn in value, leading complex projects, ranging from 6* hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and marinas to golf courts and industrial buildings. An expert in property investment she deploys her engineering and valuation expertise to solve technical issues and guide investors onto making the most of their property portfolio.

Currently Head of Synergy Engineering, Anna has been collaborating with financial institutions, private property funds and individual investors on scaling up their property portfolio value, through targeted engineering interventions. Since 2017, she has delivered major building remodeling projects for corporate and residential real estate, including a collaboration for a landmark architectural property in the south of Attiki.

She holds an MEng from The National Technical University of Athens, and an MSc. in Real Estate from the University of Reading and she is due to complete the AUEB International MBA in 2023

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Managing Partner

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