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Construction Project Management.

An experienced project management team overseeing the entire process ensures the successful translation of your expectations and requirements. Lack of continuity in management might disconnect brief & design, design & implementation, and construction & maintenance.

A project manager when introduced early, ensures end-to-end continuity, which is critical to project completion.

Our Team

We have established close and long-lasting collaborations with Project management professionals, who support us in projects of our clients. Our collaborators have delivered numerous projects successfully, regarding all types of building projects (houses, offices, retail units, hotels)

Acting exclusively as Project Managers allows us to efficiently support and protect our clients’ interests. This means that we do not act as contractors nor designers, ensuring that quality and control of the project are ensured, avoiding any conflict of interest.

Our Methodology

Our project management methodology is internationally accredited. The projects are implemented in six stages according to the Royal Institute of British Architects:

Construction Project Management

RIBA 1: Inception

We document the brief, share with the client our vision and intentions for the project, and begin to detail the project outcomes

RIBA 2: Concept Design

Throughout Stage 2, the initial Concept Design is produced in line with the requirements of the initial Project Brief. The Project Team develops a number of Project Strategies including the sustainability, maintenance, operational and handover strategies.

RIBA 3: Develop Design

We carry out design studies and costing exercises to test the design in line with the project brief.

RIBA 4: Technical Design

This stage is where we produce the detailed architectural and engineering designs and specifications ready for tendering. Final Project’s budgeting is finalized as well as time scheduling.

RIBA 5: Construction

commences when the contractor takes possession of the site and finishes at Practical Completion

RIBA 6: testing & commissioning and handing over.

Stage 6 starts with the handover of the building to the client immediately after Practical Completion and finishes at the end of the Defects Liability Period.

Design Team

Before initiating RIBA Step 1, we select the most suitable design team to undertake the technical design (architectural & MEP design) as well as the Lead Designer will do the technical supervision during the construction stage. As soon as the technical design is finalized (RIBA 4) we proceed to a competitive tendering process to select and appoint the general contractor (construction tendering). We support the Construction Contract preparation and management as well as construction Risk Management. Project Monitoring & Reporting is essential to keep informed the clients on the project progress, project risks, cost control and critical designs required.

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